Find Out More About Desyra

Hello and welcome Desyra here. What would you like to know about me?

Home: I live in Spain, near Barcelona

Place of Birth: I was born in Nueremberg, Germany

Stats: I am 5 foot 8 inches, have 30D bust, 28 inch waist and 36 inch hips. And my inside leg is 32.5 inches. I take a shoe size UK 6 European 39 USA 8.5 Japanese 24.5. I am a dress size UK 10 .. if I can squeeze my big boobs into that.

Boobs: I am a natural C cup, In 2006 I had implants which took me to a D cup. They were Hydrogel and 250CC in each breast. I loved these boobs and they were very natural looking. Many people thought these were natural, they were not. I think about going to an F or G-Cup but now all my spare money goes on shoes clothes and hosiery :)

Sex: My entire being is dedicated to joy, sex and lust, especially when I can do what I like to do. I am married, happily, but my hubby and me enjoy an open marriage as well.That way I can give every moment and full personality to chasing delight. I like to have fun with men, woman, and also like to combine my deep fetish feelings with them. All my sex games are interwoven with use of sexy nylons, silky stockings and hot pantyhose. Every possible combination of them is a turn on for me and my sexual partners! I have a deep belief that sex was invented to enjoy it, in anyway possible. My personal taste is simple : I love it all. I love to be drilled deep, fisted, ass fucked, and deep throated, but my favorite is to get fucked hard in doggy position. I always wear nylons, pantyhose and /or sexy stockings, super hot underwear and very high heels. Ah, I almost forgot, I also like to swallow thick male juice!

Meet Me: As a specialty I offer something that you will not find anywhere else. I like to meet with my fans. And that material is also available for members. Is that not sweet?

What Do Members Get?: You get to see all of me, I promise you I will show you things that you never seen me do before!. I have Girl/Girl, Guy(s)/Girl, many Fetishes and many masturbation pics and movies, but I like to pose as a nude photo-model as well. Yes, because I like nude art photography. What can you expect more? Boy-girl, girl-girl actions, super masturbation moments, pissing, anal, fisting, extraordinary fetish actions and many, many more. I will update the member area at least two times a week. If you like nylons and pantyhose, as I do, tight corsets, silky underwear and high heels, my website is the right place for you. I know how to please fans, and I love to share love and pleasure.

Favourite Music: I love all sort of music. It varies from soft romantic songs to opera and dance. It depends what kind of mood I'm in.

What I like most in a man: I like a man that dresses very well and takes pride in his appearance, and how he smells. He has to be excellent in bed and keep up with me. I love seeing men dressed in a dark suit (black) with a white shirt with no tie and the collars standing up hmmm that turns me on so much. I love getting gifts from a man so he has to have plenty of money. Receiving flowers and chocolates, and also when a man buys me underwear, that really gets me excited knowing that he has spent time looking for something for me mmmmmmmmmmmm..

Do I like women? Yes! I am totally bi-sexual and love a woman's touch. I especially like them licking my clit and really enjoy them tongueing my ass!

Do you like toys Yes and I have a big collection of them. They vary from lipstick size clit ticklers to XXL cocks. I love them in my pussy and also in my ass!

Do You Like Anal?: I don't like it - I love it! There is nothing sexier than feeling my ass full of a hard cock or a big dildo. And there is nothing hotter than feeling the man cumming then squirting his hot spunk all over my back and ass!

Favourite Sexual Position: Doggie. I love it deep inside. You can grab my hair and pull my head back too if you like.

Is Your Pussy Shaved Yes I nearly always keep it shaved. It's helps me feel every bit of a man's cock, or woman's fingers, as they fuck me. It also means my juices can flow out freely which is super sexy when I am wearing pantyhose and flashing my pussy!

Do You Deep Throat: Yes, I love to be fucked hard in the mouth. I take as much of it as possible deep into my throat it it makes me so horny when I start to feel the cum squirting. I also like the man to pull his cock out and spurt his hot cum all over my face!

Most embarrassing experience: Sleeping with a guy for the first time and then pussy farting in his face when he was going down on me. (oops)

What kind of clothes: I like hot, sexy revealing clothes, the less the better. I love tight fitting clothes that show off my figure. Short skirts that show off my long legs and show the flesh at the top of my legs above my stockings, but only when I allow it to be seen. I like thin clothes that shows that I am wearing a suspenders. I love to wear sexy lingerie every day. I have lots of lingerie and sexy nylons…I think I must have a fetish for it!

Need to know more?: Please, feel free to ask for more information – I always answer every mail related to me and my website,- and you’ll see that entering my private pages as a new member will bring a smile, happiness and joy into your life. Enjoy the new wave of sensuality, be my everyday guest.

Kisses xXx